birds sing a pretty song.

Internationally touring performance piece created by Maxx and his partner / choreographer Rebecca Margolick. In addition to concepting the piece, Maxx wrote and performed the score along with musician Jake Klar, set up the multi-projector system, did motion graphics work and directed and assisted with the creation of the film and interactive aspects.

The piece was created thanks to a fellowship from The 14th Street Y’s LABA artist incubator program, and continued residency support by the Chutzpah! Festival in Vancouver Canada.

birds sing a pretty song. is a show integrating dance, live music and interactive media, it revolves around two dancers, suspended in an environment where our hyper social nature reaches a point in which the lines of virtual and reality are obscured. The audience follows their wanderings through a world manipulated and influenced by the “curators” (the three live musicians) and projected light structures that move and direct the world onstage. Through the piece they encounter an attempt at a relationship, fleeting glimpses of memory, and a fight for connection. Tied in with sound and video reactive visuals, the audience is engulfed in a world corrupted by narcissism, surveillance and confinement.

Dance interwoven with live music and responsive video bring the audience into a world corrupted by narcissism, surveillance and confinement