Pixel Vortex

HEED - AWS Summit Berlin

Animator, Keynote Designer
Built by: The Windmill Factory & Dirt Empire
Client: HEED
Project Overview
Keynote presentation and live show with UX walkthrough animation, for sports start-up HEED's presentation at AWS Summit Berlin 2019.
Displayed across a 100 foot wide by 12 foot tall LED wall.
My Contributions
One of the primary animators and presentation designers, I took a lead role in keeping continuity across work and consolidating into a final product.

Programs used:

After Effects, Premiere, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, Keynote

Creative Direction by Jon Morris
Produced by Ana Constantino
Animation and Art Direction by Nicholas Rubin
Animation and Keynote Design Maxx Berkowitz, Mikhail Gervits, Celina Arslanian
Animation Studio Dirt Empire
Sound FX by Dave Hodge and Finger Music