Egyptian Musician Malayka streaming to an audience in Nowhere with CEO Jon Morris introducing her

Metaverse Events Platform

Founder // Chief Product Officer // Design Director
Platform, product, and UI/UX design, 3D world creation, Custom world builder tools,
Project Overview
With patented technology, navigate your video presence through beautiful virtual environments. Mingle naturally between conversations with friends or colleagues with spatial audio and dynamic video. Build your community, play games, host events, festivals, concerts, happy hours, meetings, conferences and more. Created as a solution in this time of unprecedented social distance by experience experts from Windmill Factory.
My Contributions
As co-founder and head of product and design, I have a wide array of responsibilities, I've built this company and product from an idea to a V.C. backed start up with a team of 13 full-time employees. My main responsibilities are UI / UX design, leading the product and 3D teams and working closely with the engineering team. In addition to supporting events, working with investors, clients and partners.
We are building NOWHERE to be accessible and inclusive to allow anyone anywhere to be able to experience world class experiences. Unlike most tech companies led by engineers we are a artist led metaverse platform bringing years of experience creating our own work and collaborating with the most iconic artists (NIN, Lady Gaga, Metric) and brands (Google, Red Bull, AWS) with The Windmill FactoryNow we're applying these practices to create an experience platform that allows anyone in the world to create exciting experiences for a global audience. Time and time again people say they feel more present in NOWHERE than any other platform. It has been described as "Medicinal" for this ability to allow people from anywhere in the world to feel present with others. This is a new communication tool which deepens and excites human connection and will help bridge divides.
Video chat to friends, fans, and colleagues in beautiful 3D worlds
April 2020 - Present
Comic from NY Comedy Club at one of their monthly virtual comedy nights in Nowhere.Two pods sending a heart reaction in front of a live stream concertMockup design of the public spaces discovery pageUI States for buttons following and stats.
A presenter at mountain workshops in front of a live audience of pods in a blackbox theaterScreen mock-up of the station admin page with live stream componentPeople mingling in pods in a virtual art gallery before an NFT auction talkA presenter at mountain workshops in front of a live audience of pods in a blackbox theater
Example 3D world created by external 3D artist.arial view of the world blackbox theaterA panel presenting for a crowd in the Arco santi world

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