Pixel Vortex


Creative Director, UI / UX Design, Interaction Animation
Project Overview
The cryptocurrency exchange start-up MorphToken approached me to redesign their website and exchange processing platform. Their product lets users "quickly and simply swap one coin to another. Or split into multiple coins at once."
My Contributions
As creative director and designer, I worked with MorphToken directly through the design UX and UI design, and subsequently continued to oversee the development of the product.

Programs used:
Sketch, Illustrator, After Effects, Zeplin
Crypto website / digital product
Summer 2019
I was given creative freedom to take an MVP product and redesign it to make it a more intuitive, trustworthy and engaging experience for the user. I took an approach to create a product that was clean and minimalist, yet fun. Adding clarifying details and ways to follow your progress through a trade more seamlessly.
Creative Direction & UX/UI Design by Maxx Berkowitz
Development by Justin Richards & the MorphToken Team