Pixel Vortex

HP Lab - Pixel Vortex

Design Technologist, LED Balloon Content Designer
Built By: The Windmill Factory
Client: Meta.is HP Lab at Panorama Music Festival NYC
Project Overview
"An ethereal temple of play — a bioluminescent dreamscape of flying pixels. Upon squeezing through any of the multitude of openings of Osmos Pavilion you are immediately bombarded with LED balloons whirling in a powerful vortex of wind. The balloons swirl around the shimmering space, flowing up to the apex and back down. Persons enter and exit in games of hide and seek with their friends as they toss balloons around and play like children among the most technologically advanced balloon drop ever."
– The Windmill Factory
My Contributions
I worked closely with the video, sound and lighting designers to assist with content creation for the wireless LED mapped balloons, keeping overall continuity of the many parts of the project and jumping in to troubleshoot, program and design.

Programs used:
Resolume Arena, Max/MSP, After Effects, Ableton, Processing
Pixel Vortex
Immersive multi-sensory experience
Summer 2018
Visitors gaze through an OLED screen window into the inflatable dance party, press their hands into pin screens, the entire installation transforms to the color of their aura while a photograph is snapped of this moment and given as a surprise gift as they leave the installation. How will I affect the world today with my energy field... of dreams? of troubles? of service? of judgement? of empathy? of compassion? Welcome to the world’s largest mood ring where your energy takes flight in multiple forms. You won’t get this till later -- this is where “a pin in the hand is worth two in the balloons” and “every aura has its day.” “May the auricle be with you.” — The Windmill Factory
Concept and Direction by Jon Morris
Produced by Clementine Seely and Ana Constantino
Custom Inflatable "Osmos Pavilion" and Aura Podium Design: John Hilmes
Interactive Aura Sensor by Rob Godshaw with Ward Flemming's pinscreens
Video and Lighting Design by Josh Higgason
Sound Design by Bobby McElver
Aura Photography by Will O'hare
Wireless LEDs by Lumigeek
Balloon Content and Design Technologist by Maxx Berkowitz
Aura Photo Assistant: Lucas Jatoba
Auricles: Tristan O'shea, Joe Trombino, Fisher Neal, Marianna Hoitt-Lange, Angelica Kushi, Talissa Bavaresco, Will O'Hare