The Infinite Hotel

Video/Projection Design, 1st AC
Client: The Windmill Factory & Old Soundroom
Presented by Prototype Festival 2019 at The Irondale
Project Overview
"Rock music and Rube-Goldberg - cinematography collide in a cathartic and inventive music-theatre experience. The Infinite Hotel invites live audiences to become ‘extras’ and step inside an elaborate movie-making machine, producing a one-take feature film together every night of the nine show run.

...The show's narrative follows five strangers unknowingly writing music together across space and time, and questions the nature of human interrelatedness, our appetite for visibility, and the creative ideas we accidentally share."
– Prototype Festival

My Contributions
I worked with co-video designer Josh Higgason to create the content, concept and build the multi-projector, live camera system. Routing wireless 4k video live feeds to monitors around the space to watch the filming.

In addition during the shows I ran the follow focus for the Steadicam operator

Programs used:
After Effects, Q-Lab, BlackMagic video switcher
“[Michael Joseph McQuilken] sets a new standard in the creation of live theater.”
“A stunning, soulful hybrid theater musical/concert/film…”
“Leah Siegel is mesmerizing and electrifying…”
The Infinite Hotel
Quotes from the press
January 2019
Written and Directed by Michael McQuilken
Creative Direction by Jon Morris
Produced by The Windmill Factory & Old Sound Room
Cinematography: Matthew Schroeder
Art Director & Props Master: Celina Arslanian
Musical Direction: Freddy Epstein
Lighting Design: Maruti Evans
Sound Design: Nicholas Pope
Video Design: Josh Higgason & Maxx Berkowitz
Costume Design: Oana Botez
Percussion Design: Eric Farber
Scenic Design Consultant: Maruti Evans
Steady Camera Operator: Kevin Jacobsen
Production Management: Clementine Seely with Ana Constantino
Acting Coach & Everything Man: Fisher Neal
Music & Lyrics: Amanda Palmer, Jason Webley, The Few Moments, and Firehorse
Select Songs Adapted From Material Written By: Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley for this production
Original Orchestration: Freddy Epstein (Musical Director) & Eric Farber & The Few Moments, Louis Schwadron
Cast: Leah Siegel, Austin Durant, Laura Gragtmans, Tommy Schrider, Daniel Reece, Jennifer Harrison Newman, Marianna Hoitt-Lange, Joe Trombino, Jon Morris, Deb Ervin
Associate Director: Anne Cecilia Haney
Illusionist Consultant: Vinny De Ponto
Stage Manager: Samantha Flint
Assistant Stage Manager: Stephanie Macchia
Ninjas of Scenography: Grace Mann, Isabel Sheehan, Spencer Lutvak, Henry Lombino
Photography: Will O'Hare
Prop Sponsor: Acme Studios
The Infinite Hotel - Presented by Prototype Festival
January 2019