Design Director, Digital Product Designer, Creative Content Team Lead
Project Overview
The Outernets OnPlatform is an innovative cloud-based Application Management System that transforms storefront windows into networks of smart, interactive, digital displays.
My Contributions
As Design Director of a small start-up, I wore many hats. I worked closely with the executives to build the flagship online digital platform and help steer the company, while building and leading the creative content department. Other roles included designing, branding, marketing collateral and pitches and motion graphics for advertising and mockups.
Storefront displays are often static, repetitive and not relevant to passersby. We were finding ways to give control over storefront windows displays to content creators and store mangers. By offering a fun, immersive and relevant store window experience, more people will stop to look, enjoy and enter the store.

The OnPlatform Application Management System combines machine learning with computer vision to collect data and select the best content to display in real-time based on demographic and environmental factors such as age, gender, emotion and weather. In addition to displaying images and video, the OnPlatform is built to display interactive and dynamically updating applications that can be developed with virtually any web technology. The Outernets displays are run by a computer and camera (together known as a ‘Kit’) which is then connected to any projector, LED wall or HDMI enabled display solution. Kits are designed to work offline if connectivity interruptions occur without an interruption of display or data collection.
Experiential advertising platform, branding, Start-up
May 2016 - October 2017